Allan Wang

I am a senior ECE major at Carnegie Mellon University, graduating May 2012. Here's my cool blog on making gadgets: Allan's Electronoblog

I've applied to a few PhD programs in the area of VLSI analog circuits. My undergraduate research project has been in the design of high-voltage power distribution networks for modern CMOS processes. I am currently designing a 45nm SOI test chip to characterize a new topology for power delivery using stacked logic blocks in series. The idea is based on the 2006 JSSC paper High-voltage power delivery through charge recycling, but my implementation uses a different voltage regulation circuit. Taping out in late March!

My latest gadget:

RGB Propeller Clock, built with team in 5 days for Build18

Here's our Build18 wiki page

Todo: add video streaming from SD card, switch over to faster microcontroller.

Teaching (as TA):

My Courses: